Bonjour et bienvenue dans notre série d’articles sur le Guide ultime des soins infirmiers privés , cette série d’articles vise principalement à fournir à nos lecteurs des informations précieuses, une liste de contrôle, des conseils utiles; et d’excellents points à emporter lorsque vous ou votre proche êtes aux prises avec de nombreux problèmes de santé.

Nous discuterons aujourd’hui des soins infirmiers, en particulier des soins infirmiers privés.


Private Nursing Care

Private nursing care is provided by an RN (Registered Nurse) or LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse). Most nurses who provide medical nursing care are usually working one-on-one with individual clients.Sometimes such care is provided in the client’s home or at an institution such as a hospital,nursing home or other related facilities.

Private duty nursing care may be paid privately or by group insurance.Many private duty nurses work as a contractor and many work in the ever growing field of Home Health Care.The practice of private duty nursing was in many senses a precursor to a rise ( in the 1980’s) of wider-scale nurse entrepreneurs.

Non-medical nursing care on the other hand is most often by unlicensed assistive personnel such as nurse aides,patient sitters,professional homemakers,personal support workers,caregivers or other titles.

These caregivers often do minor housekeeping chores for their clients,One very important distinction between medical and non-medical nursing care is skilled nursing care can only be performed by professional nurses RN (Registered Nurse) or LPN ( Licensed Practical Nurse), and non-medical care can be provided by non-regulated health providers such as PAB, licensed support workers and trained caregivers.


Private Nursing Care Montreal | In Home Nursing Service

In Home Nursing Service

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The benefits of private personal care or nursing care

Here are some reasons as to why private care may be the best option for you,or your loved one.

• Reduce the risk of isolation which can lead to depression

• Staying at home in familiar surroundings can maintain a sense of well-being

• Enable(s) and retain(s) an independent living

• It is cost effective and an alternative solution compare to costly residential care

• Retains one’s dignity and security

• Supports and strengthen your family relationship

• Maximize freedom and comfort during illness

By offering a range of person centered support services, A + Solution Home Health Care (APS) as one of the leading home care and health care provider from Montreal, Quebec Canada  improves people’s quality of life.

Recognizing that everyone is different and have differing needs, APS creates home care support programs to reflect what is required and what works best individually.

The home health care services we provide include:

• Care for the elderly / Senior Care

• Help at home – such as home support,foot care and personal care

• Personal support for people with physical disabilities

• End of life care (Palliative Care)

• Mental health support

• Respite care

• Support for children and families ( Psycho-social support – from our private social service department)

• Home nursing services (medical care)


Private Nurse Montreal | In Home Nursing Service

Private Nursing Care

Private Nursing Care


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Posted by Hua An the clinical director at A + Solutions Home Health Care – a Montreal based home and health care company.

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