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Soins infirmiers à domicile
, Dans cet article, nous discuterons du choix d’une maison de retraite. Donc sans plus tarder

Une fois que vous avez réduit votre liste de maisons, il est temps de planifier une visite. Visiter est la clé pour comprendre si une maison est faite pour vous ou vos proches. Comme pour les autres options de logement pour personnes âgées, ce sont les personnes qui font la place, à la fois le résident et le personnel. Dans une maison de retraite, vous devez également vous assurer que les soins médicaux sont délivrés de manière appropriée et rapide.


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What To Look For In A Nursing Home:

• How frequently does the staff turnover? What is the staffing level on the weekdays,weekends, and evenings?

• Do they have time to speak with you, or does it fell rushed?

• How would they manage your health condition? How are medications and procedures arranged? And how do they handle emergencies or accidents such as falls?

• Do they appear genuinely interested in you,and do you see them interacting warmly with current residents?

What to look for in current residents and their families:

• Do the residents appear happy,engaged? or excessively groggy and overly medicated? Do they seem clean and well groomed? Do they seem like people you’d enjoy getting to know? How do they respond to you?
Try to observe social gatherings such as meals or other activities. If needed,are residents getting timely help to eat,and with getting to and from the gathering areas?

• If you see a family visiting,you can ask them about their impressions of the home and how their loved one one has been treated. Ask if there is a family council and if you could attend.

What to look for in the nursing home facility:

Cleanliness. Does the facility appear clean? Do you smell urine or strong deodorizers that may be covering up the smell of urine?

Food. What kinds of meals are normally served? Does it look nutritious and appetizing? How are special diets handled? What kind of help is available with meals, and do they have to be eaten at the same time or in a common area?


Senior Home Care Services | English Private Nursing Care Montreal

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Arrangement. Traditionally ,nursing homes have been run like a medical facility, including a centralized nursing station with set medication and meal times.
Some nursing homes,however,are now moving to a different model,with smaller communities and communal areas. If this type is available in your area, it may provide a more homely feel.

Activities. What quality of life activities are available for residents? Are outside activities also arranged,health permitting?

Experience with your condition. If a loved one has Alzheimer’s,for example, is there a special care unit or specialized staff and activities? How does staff behavioral problem like agitation or wandering?

Posted by Hua An the clinical director at A + Solutions Home Health Care – a Montreal based home and health care company.

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